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Abstract, expressionist and conceptual art

Here, I am not just going to talk about art. I am not either going to explain in detail my artistic vision. Nor will I talk about my pictorial taste or likes. About who I have been nurtured by, is something I will talk about later on…

I do want to telll you what I feel when I am lying down on my sofa and, luckily, I have, above my head… my favourite artist´s work of art… a great and exceptional work of art, all of it, at reach of my admiration.

When I relax myself, listening to “my music”, that one that touches your inner fiver, that one that makes up, that one that pacifies thoughts, balancing your being, that very same thing , I feel when I look at that painting. Or, when I receive a flood of nature, and my breathing and my breath fuse together with it, and I notice myself alive, that very same thing, I feel, when I look at that painting…

Harmony, calm, peace, relaxation, tranquility, vitality, enjoyment, all of these and many more immeasurable sensations mixed up among them, which allow me such a brain proficiency, that my mood generously gives happiness and emotion to my soul. That very same thing I feel when I look at my painting .

My aspiration and inspiration when creating is to be able to make someone feel what I formerly reflected.

I feel myself, a great privileged person for being able to enjoy working on what I love and for having that freedom of my profession in order to show the world on this web, what I did, up to now, privately, conjugating my professional task on Pop Art Photos for ten years.

I want, from here, to thank my friends, (and not clients), who made such an online adventure possible, providing me, besides an immense personal satisfaction, a well known professional reputation in the field of pop art.

By everything, once again, thank you.


“I do not paint things, I only paint the difference between things…”
H. M.


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