Custome Art

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| Your Art Style |

Custome Art is a creative concept that fuses together with quality “that sublime instant” which captures an image or idea, in an artistically painted work of art .

My condition for me to create a custome work of art starts by, exhaustively, getting to know , my protagonist´s” identity”: Essence and personality; style, temperament and preferences.

The global result is the nature of my creative inspiration, which leads to creating that pictorial work of art that will remind the emotion of “that instant”, of “that face”, of “such unforgettable moments” that instantly expresses his, her retina sensibility.

Ana Ráez en el Estudio

Every single work of art has its time of execution… it is not in a rush… little by little, it goes growing, it takes on a life of its own and decides when it will be completed. At this moment, I sending it and with her approval I take it to a end.

Enjoy your Art Style