Corporate Art

Art Inspired by the Corporate Image and Essence | Exclusive Decoration for Spaces with a Temperament | Imagined Pieces in Order to Satisfy Top Demanding Aesthetics

| Author´s Art for your Business Environment |

Corporate Art is an innovative concept meant to fuse the corporate image into an artistic piece, expressively created and inspired by your company philosophy.

Creative Proposal grounded on Business or Corporate environments, where the works of art do not only help in defining the inner spaces, but that they, become into your identity´s reflection.

A Work of Art will always provide an added value to each space, by the transmission of pleasant and enduring emotions, sensations of distinction and exclusivity to clients, visitors and to the same corporation members .

Every single piece will be unique, exclusive, signed and endorsed with an Authenticity Certificate. The printing will be Validated with the Epson´s Warranty Digigraphie® on Fine Art canvas Hahnemühle.

Vertical Decoration for integrating Contemporary Art into the business environment.


| Corporate Art in Madrid |

The Mirror Coaching
Specialized Business in Personal and Corporate Coaching.

C/ Castelló, 36, 5ºA
28001 Madrid

Conceiving the work of art you turn to, a digital art project as a means of artistic expression based upon the transmission of the values that define the company philosophy.

Meaningful details, textures and a chromatic range prevail which emphasize the key concepts of welfare, trust, vision and success.

The resulting work of art is the company´s essence itself The Mirror Coaching.


| Corporate Art in Barcelona |

SAT Oficial Velyen Licenced by ISTOBAL | Leading Automotive Customer Service

Joaquim Ruyra, 8
08205 Sabadell – Barcelona

The relevant elements of the activity of Movaltec, together with metallic color starring in the play, exhibit a owners and their customers, the beauty that can transmit a leading automotive service.