Corporate Concepts

| Ordering Corporate Art |

Accepted the proposal, when depositing or paying 50% for starting the project a breafing will be defined, which will enable the absolute understanding of the company philosophy and spirit. Along the process, there will be afluent communication which will, coherently, get ahead on the creation of corporate work of art.

When the artistic piece is completed, it is shown to the client sending it via FTP. With his approval, it is carried out. At this moment, the client pays the 50% for the conclusion of the project.

For your convenience, you can choose from the following methods of payment that suits you best.


| Methods of Payment |

1/ Paypal

This option allows you to make any payment without you having to pay any kind of commission or expense.

By clicking “Buy now“, you will go PayPal safe payment platform, where you identify yourself or register you will be able to make your payment instantly. When you are done with the payment process, you want to click “Back to the salesperson”, who will give you the whole confirmation for the management for your purchase.

Marcas de aceptación

2/ Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer or Deposit to the account number that will be provided, privately, in the e-mail Accepting the Project.


| Shipping Way | dispatches its national and international deliveries by the transport company that considers to be, the best qualified transport company for its delicate pieces of art.

Fedex - DHL - UPS | Transport Solutions

Delivery expenses inside the European Union will be taken care of by, except in the case of Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Ceuta y Melilla, which customs office management expenses and other duty taxes will be taken care of by the person who receives.

Delivery expenses outside of the European Union will be taken care of by the client .

He will have to take care of customs office related expenses, if there were any, and of any other import taxes or duty.

In the latter case, you can decide through which company you want to receive the shipment.

| Returns Policy |

Since they are Custom-Made Creation Projects, Corporate Art does not accept returned works of art.


| Conditions for Purchasing Corporate Art |

The following conditions will be applied to purchases of Corporate works of art assigned to Ana María Ráez de Moura, residing at Avenida Sierra de Gredos, 11 – 28691 Madrid – España, on the following web

Assignments from passive subjects, such as, businesses, entities and other corporations residing in the European Union and having a Tax Identification Number for the European Community, will not have to pay V.A.T., being an indispensable condition to send such document via e-mail to:

All assignments from individuals or companies residing in countries outside the European Community, will be exempt of paying V.A.T).

Ana María Ráez de Moura will issue the corresponding invoices at the beginning and at the end of the project, which will be sent in time.

If you required any specification, I would be personally available, in the different contact channels you are going to find on the webpage.

Thank you very much for your trusting me.
Ana Ráez