Original Collection

| Art Has No Price |

Art is pure emotions.
Even so, when that sensation becomes a real thing, it is required to quantify. For that reason and although it may seem meaningless, we have to talk about Conditions for Purchasing .

The art pieces exposed on all the webpage may well be Unique or Limited Editions.

You, a person who loves art, have the option of owning a work of art absolutely exclusive, with its rigorous Authenticity Certificate, with its Sequentially Numbered Hologram and signed by the author, or, select a work of art that belongs to Limited Series, as well, along with its Authenticity Certificate.

You choose your Art Piece.

Thinking about your comfort, you may select, among the following methods of payment the most convenient one for you.


| Methods of Payment |

1/ Paypal

This option allows you to make any payment without taking care of any commission expense.

When you click “Buy now“, you will go to Paypal safe payment platform, where you, at the moment of identifying or registering yourself you will be able to make your payment instantly. Once you are done with payment process, you will click “Back to the salesperson” and you will be given a whole confirmation for your purchasing management.

Marcas de aceptación

2/ Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer or Deposit into the account number you will be notified, in private, by an Assignment Confirmation.


| Shipping Way |

anaraez.com delivers nationally and internationally through the means of a transport company that considers to be, the most qualified for its delicate pieces of art.

Fedex - DHL - UPS | Transport Solutions anaraez.com

Delivery expenses inside the European Union will be taken care of by anaraez.com, except in case it were for Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, such customs office management expenses and any other duty will be taken care of by the person who receives.

Delivery expenses for outside the European Union will be taken care of by the client. He will himself, as well, take care of customs office related expenses, if there were any, and of any other expense import taxes and duty.


| On Sending Back |

The client will count on a maximal five working day term from the moment of being delivered, for him to send back his work of art.
The only two considered reasons are:

1/ Wrong work of art dispatch (For example: The client receives B, instead of A)
2/ The work of art is damaged

The notification of a returning or way-back received will take place within the following 24 hours after reception, by sending an e-mail which specifies the reason, enclosing copy of the transport company delivery receipt, client´s information and the title of the work of art, to:

In either of the two supposed cases, anaraez.com will reimburse the total amount paid by the client and the sending back delivery expenses derived (always through the same transport company), immediately after receiving the work of art.


| Collection Acquisition Terms |

The following conditions will be applied to buying works of art from Ana María Ráez de Moura, with residing address at Avenida Sierra de Gredos, 11 – 28691 Madrid – Spain, as it is stated on the webpage anaraez.com.

Prices of all work of art for sale found on anaraez.com include taxes already. Purchases by passive subjects, that is to say, businesses, entities and other corporations residing in the European Union and with a Tax Identification Number, will not have to pay V.A.T., it is an indispensable condition to send such document via e-mail to:

All purchases by individuals and companies residing in countries outside the European Community, are exempt of paying V.A.T.

anaraez.com reserves for itself the right to change prices and content of the webpage, partially, as well as, totally without giving a previous notice, and this will not affect the price of the work art for this reason, since the purchasing process is already started.

If you need any specification, I will be personally available in the different contact channels you may find on the webpage.

Thank you very much for your trusting me.
Ana Ráez